Thursday, January 18, 2007

... of the week January 18th 2007

Wow. A lot of time has passed since we have last reported. Sorry.
Shit happens.

Thought of the Day - Laziness

People need to stop being lazy, myself included. It is a New Year, a time for joy and the birthing of new beginnings. Even though snow in Malibu is equivalent to Hell freezing over, it doesn't mean you have to get all dark and start a prescription of Lithium. It just means we have to try harder to look on the Sunny side of life. Even if, for the time being, the sunny side seems to be somewhat chilly.

So don't be lazy, go for a jog in the crisp Los Angeles air. I hear Runyon Canyon is great in the cold.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

... of the week December 28th 2006


I feel fat. I ate too much, I drank too much. I feel like a piece of poo and I'm lonely. Which brings me to...
Healthy Habit of the Week- Go to the Gym

Yes, please help yourself and the world out by going to the gym. And hey beat the crowds, you know that the Gym traffic is about to get out of control come January. You know, all those, uh, New Year resolutions. So, do yourself a favor, go now. Then come January, you'll totally have it out of your system and that'll be one less person at the gym. I don't know what I am talking about.
But seriously, the gym will make you feel better, make you sweat and it will get you out of the house and away from all the turkey leftovers. The Gym. Do it. You'll thank yourself.

Netflix of the Week - Another Gay Movie
Todd Stephens wrote and directed a little gem of a movie called Gypsy 83. Like all independent films, he had some trouble getting distribution. One of the reasons cited was that the film was not gay enough, whatever that means. I didn't' even think of it as a gay movie but whatever.
It seems he took that advice to heart, and made the gayest movie possible. Another Gay Movie is suppose to be a gay version of American Pie. But this movie is much more raunchy. I think it's funny and there are some surprisingly tender moments. And the cast is...pretty. Nancy Sinatra sings the theme song, "Another Gay Sunshine Day"

Awards of the Week - Oklahoma Film Critics

Yes, it's that time of year again for fruit cakes and award shows. And of special note this week are the folks at the Oklahoma Film Commission who have awarded their trophies for outstanding achievement in films this year.
Best Film: United 93
Best Actress: Helen Mirren - The Queen
Best Actor: Forest Whitaker - The Last King of Scotland
Best Supporting Actress: Cate Blanchett - Notes on a Scandal
Best Supporting Actor: Jackie Earle Haley - Little Children

I like these choices. None of that absurd Dreamgirls stuff awarded here. No sir, the only musical these people like is, er, well, Oklahoma. (I know, horrible joke, but I told you, I feel fat, and stupid and I have to poo)

Thought of the Day - Whoring

I have a thought for all you sluts and whores, men and women, how do you do it? What am I lacking that you have? I've tried to be a whore, it doesn't work. I get all hussied up and I got out and shake my tail all over the place, and you know what it attracts, well, it attracts nothing. Am I trying to hard? Am I?

But I don't want to be a whore anyway, it's one of those things where, you think, "Ya, It'd be fun to be a whore!" But really, who says that?

Myspace Profile of the Week - Joey James Productions

I love Joey James. I don't need to say more at all. Check out his my space here. Our other favorite girl Alza Benet is there too!

Friday, December 22, 2006

... of the day December 22nd 2006

Food of the Day – Berries
I was looking forward to work this morning for many reasons, one of which, it’s the Friday before Christmas and that means it’s a half day. But the main reason is because every other day we get breakfast burrito from the company that owns our soul. They really are pretty good too, as far as free food for the masses go. So I get in early and happily scarf down, is that what people say, scarf
down, that just doesn’t seem right, whatever. So I eat it. Then I feel full, almost gross, but full. Well, thinking everyone will also be enjoying a breakfast burrito, I let the food guilt subside and go about my morning.

That is until I see Jeremiah, who sits in the office next to me. I walk in and he is eating a big bowl of berries.

Right away I notice my food guilt coming back. I lower my head in a brief moment of shame, only to notice remnants of my breakfast burrito on my shirt, my nice shirt. I didn’t even have to wear a nice shirt today, it’s half day, but I did. So now I’m just a flustered mess in Jeremiah’s office and I have to ask him, “Jeremiah, what no breakfast burrito today?”

He looks up and smiles, “Berries are better for you bro!”

Netflix of the Day – Running On Empty

There really isn’t a lot to do while growing up in Orange Country California, except maybe Disneyland, and when you are of age there is Harbor Boulevard in Downtown Fullerton. But usually when you are of age you leave the O.C. Anyway, I worked in a video store for most of my youth. Became obsessed with movies and actors and it got to the point where I could recite an actor’s resume by heart. This was before I had access to the internet, so a lot of this information was consumed the old fashioned way, by reading books and doing real research. During this time I came across River Phoenix’s work. Up to this point, Stand by Me and The Explorers were all I had really known. But then I guess you could say I started to watch more adult themed movies. The Mosquito Coast directed by Peter Weir and starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as River Phoenix’s parents. What a cast, right? So I explored other River films, A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon, Little Nikita and then I came across it, Running on Empty, directed by Sidney Lumet and starring Judd Hirsch, Martha Plimpton and Christine Lahti, in what is probably the performance of her career. A movie I hold very dear to heart, as clichéd as that sounds. But this film changed me. It showed me what acting and storytelling were all about. How you don’t always have to rush thru something when setting it up and taking your time sometimes pays off. The result is a beautiful, lyrical film that unfolds very softly. In life you have responsibilities and you have dreams and when you become a parent, you are responsible for nourishing and guiding the responsibilities and dreams of your children. It is a hard balancing act and you can only hope you are being true to the people you love and the things you believe in. It’s about letting go and moving on and doing what you believe is right. Well, this movie is about much more than this, but to me, that is the message that has stayed with me all these years.

Nominated for 2 Academy Awards, Best Supporting Actor River Phoenix, Best Screenplay Naomi Foner (Jake Gyllenhaal's Mommy)

Nominated for 5 Golden Globes, Best Picture (Drama), Best Director Sidney Lumet, Best Actress Christine Lahti, Best Supporting Actor River Phoenix and won Best Screenplay

Released September 9, 1988 it grossed 2.8 million dollars.

To rent this Netflix, click here.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

... of the day December 21st 2006

Bakery of the Day - Martino’s Bakery

Where are you going for the Holidays? You probably go to your relatives, begrudgingly. But we have to. It’s usually not good to show up empty handed, especially if you have a greedy little family like mine. So, here is what I propose, instead of bringing another sad looking pot of poinsettia’s, you know the one you stopped to get last minute at the Ralphs by Grandma’s house, you know, you get to the store, thinking you’re doing a good deed, bringing Grandma some flowers and all you see are these pathetic looking, not even complete flowers, mostly wilted plant. Just click here to see what I mean.

Anyway, instead of doing that, bring your gluttonous, ravenous, grabby little family a cake.
I know that we are not always able to escape from the family’s clutches immediately after you eat the ham or turkey or whatever it is your family eats, maybe duck, anyway since you’re probably going to have to be there thru dessert, bring a cake that you wouldn’t mind sitting thru dessert with. And there is no better place than Martino’s Bakery in Burbank. They have fantastic cheese cakes, cup cakes that are square (must try the Coconut ones) and right now they have a Pumpkin Gelato that’s so super. Ya, I know Gelato doesn’t travel well but you can get a dollop to taste when you pick up the Lemon Mirage Pie that you’re taking to Grandma’s, for whatever Holiday it is you celebrate.
Click here to check out Martino's website, click here

Television Remake of the Day – Footballer Wives

And I’m telling you the remake of this show, and lets cross our fingers, better be good. The show was a sensation in the U.K., lasting 5 seasons. I really want ABC to do a bang up job on this. How much of the “bitching, back-stabbing, coke-snorting, champagne-swilling monkey business... not to mention all of the designer labels, nutty nurses, extravagant parties, and truly bizarre weddings,” from the original they can get away with is unclear. But lets just hope that with director Bryan Singer aboard that something just as trashy- cool will be born, and not trashy-cool born like a Britney baby, but trashy-cool born like a Harajuku Girl.

Click here for a picture of a Harajuku Girl

Trend of the Day – Wearing Band Aides

So our dear April hit her head on a pole at work the other day. She had to get invisible stitches, I think she’s lying about that, but she has a band aide in the middle of her forehead. It’s funny.

Well, I sometimes pick the hairs out of my neck and it seems I have follicle irritation. I have an irritated follicle, if you will. The I.F. (irritated follicle) is located right on my Adam’s apple and it feels like a big zit, that I want to squeeze, glory glory, until the liquid comes out. But I can’t, because it’s not a zit. So to prevent myself from touching the I.F. area, I put a band aide on it. The only thing is, it looks like I have a tracheotomy band aide. And people stare.

So, just start wearing band aides above the neck to help ease how awkward April and I feel. It’ll catch on. Ask Nelly.

Check out this band aide site.

Amphibian of the Day – Frog

So in honor of the Amphibian of the Day, the Frog, please enjoy some quotes about them–

“I’d kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs.” – Cameron Diaz

“I’m not a diva. I’m a tadpole trying to be a frog.” – Toni Braxton

“Ambition is like a frog sitting on a Venus Flytrap. The Flytrap can bite and bite, but it won’t bother the frog because it on has little tiny plant teeth. But some other stuff could happen and it could be like ambition.” – Jack Handy of Saturday Night Live

Be sure to try to use this old saying sometime this week – Mad as a Box of Frogs

Be sure to check out Frogland!

And if you’d like to color a picture of a frog, go here.

Netflix of the Day – Xanadu

This is in honor of the recent news that Xanadu will become a Broadway show. Ok, so, ya, it’s really bad BUT the music is phenomenal. How can you not like Olivia Newton-John singing Electric Light Orchestra? The soundtrack spawned 2 top 40 hits, suddenly, the wheels are in mo-shun, and eye ah eye…and you have to believe we are magic nothin' can stand in our way… This is great shit. Not to mention there are lots of pastels and roller-skates.

Released on August 8th 1980, the film went on to gross 22 million dollars.

Nominated for Best Picture at Young Artists Awards in 1981. Also Nominated for 6 1981 Razzies, winning for Worst Director Robert Greenwald.

To read more about Broadway show click on Olivia’s face.

Oh, and, just check this out.

To rent this Netflix, click here.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

... of the day December 20th 2006

Happy Holidays everyone.

Netflix of the Day – V.I. Warshawski

This notorious bomb-of-a-movie stars the always likeable Kathleen Turner, well, I don’t know how many people like her now, but back in 1990 she was the shit. She was one of the biggest female stars of the 80's and the #1 female box office star of 1989. She must have thought it was a great idea to star in a series of films playing this no nonsense Chicago private investigator. Well, V.I. Warshawski, the franchise, never happened. The movie bombed, grossing only 11 million dollars. Some would blame director Jeff Kanew. Some would blame the screenwriters; some blame the hard to pronounce title. Whatever it is, no one blamed Kathleen Turner’s performance, which is fun to watch.

This would also be the last movie where she was smoking hot! To order V.I. Warshawski, log on to your Netflix and click here.

Song of the Day – Holly Jolly Christmas

Most people know the Burl Ives version of this song. You know the one; the fat snowman narrator version from the Rudolph the Red Noised Reindeer special that we see every year. Anyways, I was going to write about Burl Ives and how he is an Academy Award wining actor and yadda, yadda, yadda, but then in the research process I found out that he was not the first to record that song, oh no. That honor or distinction belongs to The Quinto Sisters. Who knew? You can hear there version and find out all you need to know about them by clicking here.

Oh, and have a holly jolly Christmas, it’s the best time of the year. Oh by golly, have a holly, jolly Christmas this year!

Thought of the Day – Lindsay Lohan and Lara Flynn Boyle

Okay, I think Lara Flynn Boyle is Lindsay Lohan’s mother. I do. I mean look at the evidence. First, lets look at the freckle factor. Both of them have a ridiculous amount freckles all over there body. They wear freckles the way drag queens wear glitter. Second, Lara was on Twin Peaks and Lindsay has twin peaks. Third, need I mention the weight issue? All Lindsay needs now is lip injections.

I love you both. I know your secret. Peace.
To see more pictures of either girl, click thier face.

Article of Clothing of the Day – Anorak

Or shall I say Parka? That’s right a Parka is also known as an Anorak. This heavy jacket has a hood and the inside is lined with fur to keep you from freezing when you are out in the tundra. Wikipedia says the jacket was invented by “inhabitants of the Artic region, who needed clothing that would protect them from wind-chill and wet while hunting and kayaking.” But I’ll just say Eskimo’s invented them.

On a side note, there is a wonderful restaurant in New Hampshire called The Red Parka Steakhouse and Pub. They were voted best salad bar in New Hampshire. For more on the Red Parka Steakhouse and pub, click here.

If you’d like to know how to make your own parka, click here.

Random Image of the Day - Swivel Ball Goo

Yes, this is what they call swivel ball goo. Ball goo?

Development Project of the Day - The Thetan

So it seems that Tom Cruise is planning a film on the ideas of L. Ron Hubbard called The Thetan. Victoria Beckham is in negotiations to star. Tom will be financing the project on his own, it seems all the major studios have passed. It seems to be about spirits. Spirits who are eternal and inhabit a host body in order to sustain tangible existence. Or something exstistential like that. I think it sounds good. Exstistentialism rocks!!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

... of the day December 19th 2006

Recipe of the Day – Mango Pear Salsa

A great, fruity alternative to the regular old tomato salsa. Feel free to mix up the ingredients, adding your own twist.
1 Large Mango, diced
1 Large Pear, diced
½ large medium red onion, chopped finely
1 Thai Chile, minced
1 small cucumber, diced
2 Tablespoons of chopped cilantro
3 Tablespoons of fresh lime juice

Sprinkle lime juice on the diced pear to prevent browning. Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Chill for 2 hours, and then serve. Goes great with wheat tortilla chips.

For the history of the mango please click the mango.

Netflix of the Day – Rambo: First Blood Part II

The total body count of this Rambo sequel is 67. A nonstop action extravaganza that’s unintentionally hilarious. To rent this film, log in to your Netflix account and click here.

Obituary of the Day - Joseph Barbera 1911-2006

His cartoons; I grew up with them, you grew up with them our parents grew up with them, our kids will grow up with them. From Yabba Dabba Doo to Scooby Dooby Doo to the wonderful works of art that was Tom and Jerry. During the 1960's the Hanna Barbera cartoons, all hand painted, old fashioned cell animation, were reaching a worldwide audience of 300 million. Just think about it, Scooby Doo, The Jetsons, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, The Smurfs, Dastardly and Muttley, Josie and the Pussycats, Tom and Jerry, Top Cat and Captain Caveman. And that's just some of them.

MySpace Profile of the Day - Alza Benet

Ok really, I don't have to say much more about this MySpace, except...just go there. Look at all those awesome pictures. The one on the left here is my favorite. So check her site by clicking the picture. Most of Alza's photo are done by Joey James Productions. You should also check out Alza's website by clicking here.

... of the week December 18th 2006

Sorry it took so long, took some time to do research in San Diego for some of this weeks best, there is a lot to catch up on, so here we go...

Movie of the Week - Babel

With the Golden Globe Nominations announced last Thursday, it would appear that Babel, with 7 nominations, is now the Oscar front runner. But some insiders, or whatever, are saying that it's not that good. But honestly, I think these insiders are trying to liven up what is about to be another very predictable awards season. The Leonardo DiCaprio film The Departed received 6 nominations. And a whole handful of people got 2 nominations, including; Annette Bening, Clint Eastwood, Leonardo Dicaprio, Toni Collette, Beyonce & Chiwetel Ejiofor.

For a complete list of the Golden Globe Nominations, click here.

Celebrity of the Week - Helen Mirren

While some of the people above received 2 Golden Globe Nominations, Helen Mirren received 3! That brings her total number of Golden Globe nominations to 9. This year she got nominated for Best Actress in a drama for The Queen, and a nomination for Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Made for Television Movie playing a different Queen, Queen Elizabeth 1 in Elizabeth 1, she also competes against herself in this category for her performance in Prime Suspect: The Final Act. Whew!
In addition to these nominations she is also sweeping the critics awards for her performance in Stephen Frears' The Queen and looks like the favorite to take home an Oscar...finally.
You go old lady!

Click here to watch a preview of The Queen.

Hotel of the Week - Hotel del Coronado

This beautiful place was built in 1888, which is why it looks so old. This Victorian style Hotel has been called on of the Top 10 resorts in the world by USA Today, and you know we love lists, so we had to check it out. So...

Although the temperature is a bit chilly in San Diego right now, this is a great place to go and feel like it's winter, at least in Southern California. And get this, they have an Ice Skating rink set up right on the beach. Time it right and you can witness a great sunset while doing some figure eights. What more could ask for? Well, for starters, next to the Ice Skating rink is an alcoholic coffee beverage stand. Warm liquor and Ice Skating on the beach in front of a 108 year old hotel, some would call that Heaven!
Click here for more on Hotel del Coronado

Album of the Week - Gwen
Stefani: The Sweet Escape

We all know that Gwen Stefani's solo efforts are deemed "weird" when everyone first hears them. But after continuous listening we found that The Sweet Escape is just as enjoyable as Love.Angel.Music.Baby, if not more. Even though the current single, "Wind It Up," is racing up the charts, currently number 6 on Billboards Top 100, it really isn't even one of the best on the album. The title track, The Sweet Escape, which Stefani collaborates with rapper Akon, is the standout track. But we like her best when she is a little somber, a little bittersweet and a little melancholy. Especially on the tracks, Early Winter, 4 in the Morning, Fluorescent and the closing track Wonderful Life. A five star album.

Cocktail of the Day - Shannen

Love this drink. I love the name too. She totally deserves to have something named after her and until she gets that slab of cement shaped like a star on Hollywood Boulevard, this will have to do. We have our friend Justin to thank for the recipe:

2 parts Lime Aide
2 parts Vodka
1 part 99 Bananas - Banana Schnapps

Make sure you use Lime Aide and NOT Lime Juice. It will be awful if you use Lime Juice.

Serve on ice and garnish with a cherry. You will be very surprised at how refreshing this drink is. And it fucks you up! What more would you expect from a Shannen Doherty?

Color of the Week - Blue

Because it is cold outside.

Quote of the Day - Carrie Fisher

"You can't find any true closeness in Hollywood because everyone does fake closeness so well."

Thought of the Day - Season's Change

We don't have the changing of season's in Southern California, we have the changing of the grocery store isle. Peeps anyone?

Lawsuit of the Week - Perez Hilton

Apparently he did something along the lines of copyright infringement. Oh my god, I don't even know what that means. But somebody wants like, 7 million dollars from him. My first question is, of course is, does a blogger make that much money? And my next question is, what if I piss people off and make them want to sue me for money I don't have? I'm at a loss here. I don't have an answer to either of these questions. Please comment.

Also, Perez Hilton, real name Mario (and I'm not making this up) Lavendeira, says he didn't do the infringey thingy and will, and this is a direct quote, "step up to the plate and fight for my rights and fight for the rights of all bloggers." I thank you, and my mother thanks you. Peace homey, peace!

You Tube Profile of the Week - Alcazarist

Alcazarist's inventive animation style is very, very unique and very, very fun. He has his own little series called The E-vengers. They are little raver kids who save the world, one ecstasy pill at a time. Some animated Flaming Lips music video that he directed are top notch! Lots of other work on his You Tube sight. Enjoy!

You can check out Alcazarist's You Tube by clicking here.

Random Image of the Week - Faceless


Saturday, December 09, 2006

... of the day December 9th 2006

Lyric of the Day –
“Life is short, you’re capable.”
Gwen Stefani, “What You Waiting For”

Review of the Day – The Holiday

3 stars out of 4
*** The Holiday, Dir. Nancy Meyers; Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Jude Law, Rufus Sewell and Eli Wallach. So like we promised we saw the flick THE HOLIDAY on Friday night. To our surprise, it was a sold out show. Many guys were seemed to have been brought there by their girlfriends or the boyfriends. Thanks to clever casting and appealing performances from the whole cast, this movie is watchable and not that bad. As we mentioned yesterday, the story focuses on two women getting out of failed relationships. So, when their drastic times call for drastic measures, they decide to switch homes for the Holiday season. Everyone in Hollywood always says that it is impossible to have a good movie from a bad script; well THE HOLIDAY is the exception to that rule. This script is full of every cliché imaginable for a romantic comedy and what transcend this film are the great performances, especially Winslet and Wallach.

Picture of the Day – Beagle Dog

If you don’t think this beagle is adorable, please let us know by writing to
…of the week
P.O. Box 381184
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Netflix of the Day – Kitty Foyle

This 1940 Romantic drama is best known for Ginger Rogers’ Academy Award winning performance in the title role. Also starring a very charismatic James Morgan. Enjoy!

Cocktail of the Day – Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre, also known as Rum and Coke, who knew? So next time you go to a bar order a Cuba Libre and see what happens, then let us know.

Here's the recipe:
2 oz. Rum, Coke, A Wedge of Lime

Actually, what makes it a Cuba Libre and not a Rum and Coke is the lime wedge. Please let your bartender know.

Thought of the Day – The Wandering Jew

How come they call this plant The Wandering Jew? Should I ask Mel Gibson or Mel Brooks? Please let me know. For more on this breed of the spiderwort plant, check out Wikipedia.