Friday, December 22, 2006

... of the day December 22nd 2006

Food of the Day – Berries
I was looking forward to work this morning for many reasons, one of which, it’s the Friday before Christmas and that means it’s a half day. But the main reason is because every other day we get breakfast burrito from the company that owns our soul. They really are pretty good too, as far as free food for the masses go. So I get in early and happily scarf down, is that what people say, scarf
down, that just doesn’t seem right, whatever. So I eat it. Then I feel full, almost gross, but full. Well, thinking everyone will also be enjoying a breakfast burrito, I let the food guilt subside and go about my morning.

That is until I see Jeremiah, who sits in the office next to me. I walk in and he is eating a big bowl of berries.

Right away I notice my food guilt coming back. I lower my head in a brief moment of shame, only to notice remnants of my breakfast burrito on my shirt, my nice shirt. I didn’t even have to wear a nice shirt today, it’s half day, but I did. So now I’m just a flustered mess in Jeremiah’s office and I have to ask him, “Jeremiah, what no breakfast burrito today?”

He looks up and smiles, “Berries are better for you bro!”

Netflix of the Day – Running On Empty

There really isn’t a lot to do while growing up in Orange Country California, except maybe Disneyland, and when you are of age there is Harbor Boulevard in Downtown Fullerton. But usually when you are of age you leave the O.C. Anyway, I worked in a video store for most of my youth. Became obsessed with movies and actors and it got to the point where I could recite an actor’s resume by heart. This was before I had access to the internet, so a lot of this information was consumed the old fashioned way, by reading books and doing real research. During this time I came across River Phoenix’s work. Up to this point, Stand by Me and The Explorers were all I had really known. But then I guess you could say I started to watch more adult themed movies. The Mosquito Coast directed by Peter Weir and starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as River Phoenix’s parents. What a cast, right? So I explored other River films, A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon, Little Nikita and then I came across it, Running on Empty, directed by Sidney Lumet and starring Judd Hirsch, Martha Plimpton and Christine Lahti, in what is probably the performance of her career. A movie I hold very dear to heart, as clichéd as that sounds. But this film changed me. It showed me what acting and storytelling were all about. How you don’t always have to rush thru something when setting it up and taking your time sometimes pays off. The result is a beautiful, lyrical film that unfolds very softly. In life you have responsibilities and you have dreams and when you become a parent, you are responsible for nourishing and guiding the responsibilities and dreams of your children. It is a hard balancing act and you can only hope you are being true to the people you love and the things you believe in. It’s about letting go and moving on and doing what you believe is right. Well, this movie is about much more than this, but to me, that is the message that has stayed with me all these years.

Nominated for 2 Academy Awards, Best Supporting Actor River Phoenix, Best Screenplay Naomi Foner (Jake Gyllenhaal's Mommy)

Nominated for 5 Golden Globes, Best Picture (Drama), Best Director Sidney Lumet, Best Actress Christine Lahti, Best Supporting Actor River Phoenix and won Best Screenplay

Released September 9, 1988 it grossed 2.8 million dollars.

To rent this Netflix, click here.

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