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... of the week December 18th 2006

Sorry it took so long, took some time to do research in San Diego for some of this weeks best, there is a lot to catch up on, so here we go...

Movie of the Week - Babel

With the Golden Globe Nominations announced last Thursday, it would appear that Babel, with 7 nominations, is now the Oscar front runner. But some insiders, or whatever, are saying that it's not that good. But honestly, I think these insiders are trying to liven up what is about to be another very predictable awards season. The Leonardo DiCaprio film The Departed received 6 nominations. And a whole handful of people got 2 nominations, including; Annette Bening, Clint Eastwood, Leonardo Dicaprio, Toni Collette, Beyonce & Chiwetel Ejiofor.

For a complete list of the Golden Globe Nominations, click here.

Celebrity of the Week - Helen Mirren

While some of the people above received 2 Golden Globe Nominations, Helen Mirren received 3! That brings her total number of Golden Globe nominations to 9. This year she got nominated for Best Actress in a drama for The Queen, and a nomination for Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Made for Television Movie playing a different Queen, Queen Elizabeth 1 in Elizabeth 1, she also competes against herself in this category for her performance in Prime Suspect: The Final Act. Whew!
In addition to these nominations she is also sweeping the critics awards for her performance in Stephen Frears' The Queen and looks like the favorite to take home an Oscar...finally.
You go old lady!

Click here to watch a preview of The Queen.

Hotel of the Week - Hotel del Coronado

This beautiful place was built in 1888, which is why it looks so old. This Victorian style Hotel has been called on of the Top 10 resorts in the world by USA Today, and you know we love lists, so we had to check it out. So...

Although the temperature is a bit chilly in San Diego right now, this is a great place to go and feel like it's winter, at least in Southern California. And get this, they have an Ice Skating rink set up right on the beach. Time it right and you can witness a great sunset while doing some figure eights. What more could ask for? Well, for starters, next to the Ice Skating rink is an alcoholic coffee beverage stand. Warm liquor and Ice Skating on the beach in front of a 108 year old hotel, some would call that Heaven!
Click here for more on Hotel del Coronado

Album of the Week - Gwen
Stefani: The Sweet Escape

We all know that Gwen Stefani's solo efforts are deemed "weird" when everyone first hears them. But after continuous listening we found that The Sweet Escape is just as enjoyable as Love.Angel.Music.Baby, if not more. Even though the current single, "Wind It Up," is racing up the charts, currently number 6 on Billboards Top 100, it really isn't even one of the best on the album. The title track, The Sweet Escape, which Stefani collaborates with rapper Akon, is the standout track. But we like her best when she is a little somber, a little bittersweet and a little melancholy. Especially on the tracks, Early Winter, 4 in the Morning, Fluorescent and the closing track Wonderful Life. A five star album.

Cocktail of the Day - Shannen

Love this drink. I love the name too. She totally deserves to have something named after her and until she gets that slab of cement shaped like a star on Hollywood Boulevard, this will have to do. We have our friend Justin to thank for the recipe:

2 parts Lime Aide
2 parts Vodka
1 part 99 Bananas - Banana Schnapps

Make sure you use Lime Aide and NOT Lime Juice. It will be awful if you use Lime Juice.

Serve on ice and garnish with a cherry. You will be very surprised at how refreshing this drink is. And it fucks you up! What more would you expect from a Shannen Doherty?

Color of the Week - Blue

Because it is cold outside.

Quote of the Day - Carrie Fisher

"You can't find any true closeness in Hollywood because everyone does fake closeness so well."

Thought of the Day - Season's Change

We don't have the changing of season's in Southern California, we have the changing of the grocery store isle. Peeps anyone?

Lawsuit of the Week - Perez Hilton

Apparently he did something along the lines of copyright infringement. Oh my god, I don't even know what that means. But somebody wants like, 7 million dollars from him. My first question is, of course is, does a blogger make that much money? And my next question is, what if I piss people off and make them want to sue me for money I don't have? I'm at a loss here. I don't have an answer to either of these questions. Please comment.

Also, Perez Hilton, real name Mario (and I'm not making this up) Lavendeira, says he didn't do the infringey thingy and will, and this is a direct quote, "step up to the plate and fight for my rights and fight for the rights of all bloggers." I thank you, and my mother thanks you. Peace homey, peace!

You Tube Profile of the Week - Alcazarist

Alcazarist's inventive animation style is very, very unique and very, very fun. He has his own little series called The E-vengers. They are little raver kids who save the world, one ecstasy pill at a time. Some animated Flaming Lips music video that he directed are top notch! Lots of other work on his You Tube sight. Enjoy!

You can check out Alcazarist's You Tube by clicking here.

Random Image of the Week - Faceless


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